Monthly Archives: July 2015

A lil wisdom goes a long way…

It’s been a long year full of ups and downs. I’ve learned a lot and wanted to share a little wisdom (the little I possess). These are obviously based on my personal experiences so some may be oddly specific and others might just apply to your life! This is my last post from Madrid as I will be on a plane to the U.S. tomorrow! Thanks for keeping up with my journey. I’ve enjoyed sharing my pictures and experiences with you all and am happy with the positive feedback I’ve gotten. I think this has been a great way to keep everyone informed, and it helped me feel like I wasn’t so far from home. I will hopefully see you all soon! Continue reading


The Glamorization of Being Abroad

I’ve been wanting to post this for awhile but couldn’t quite get the words out how I wanted. Maybe it’s still not exactly how I want to say it, but I’ve got packing to do! Anyway… In general, most everyone has been very supportive and enthusiastic of my travels and living abroad. Thanks everyone for your positive encouragement and sweet comments ­čÖé But I also know (firsthand) that there is a different perspective when seeing others European photos, looking like they are having the best time of their lives! It can spark some jealousy and lead to resentment. It can make you feel like your life is so boring in comparison. Well here’s the deal… things aren’t always as they seem. Continue reading

Never Thought I’d Miss Humidity…

Last week I visited a city many have recommended to me, and I think I visited at just the right time. I took the train to San Sebasti├ín, which is in the north of Spain near the border of France. As some of you have heard from me or read in my last post, it is unbearably hot in Madrid right now. It’s a lucky day if the high is only in the 90s. If I’m inside my apartment, I spend most of my time taking cold showers, chugging ice water, and sitting in front of my fan since air conditioning is still not the norm. So a weekend journey to the beach where temperatures were in the 80s sounded wonderful. I have to say to all those people who recommended this town, I wholeheartedly agree! It’s definitely on my top 5 places in Europe (speaking of, many of you have been asking about my favorite places, so I might just make a post about that soon…). I took a solo trip, but in the end made several friends from my hostel and by just putting myself out there and talking to people. Onward to photos! Continue reading