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Mind the Gap

This post is veeeeeeery late, considering I visited London at the beginning of April! School has been fairly tiring recently, and I’ve lost track of time, but I’m determined to show you all some pictures from my trip to London! During Semana Santa (basically my Spring Break), I first went to Mallorca then later met my parents in London. I hadn’t seen them in 7 months, yet with the ability to Skype and text, it didn’t feel like it had been that long. It was my first time to this city, my dad’s first time to Europe, and a return to a place my mom visited 19 years ago! Unfortunately, my brother couldn’t make it, so I felt a bit like an only child. I’ve gotten to be quite the navigator, so my parents were happy to have me guide us around which fits my slightly bossy attitude. I think I’ve also reached an age where my parents look to me for what to do, which is a bit scary (they’re getting closer to retirement age, and I’m getting closer to being in debt and making major life choices age). So here are the pictures! Most of them are mine, but I’ve stolen a few from my mother in case you don’t have Facebook/don’t know her! Plus, she has a nice new DSLR camera thanks to my dad, and it takes 10x better photos than my old iPhone. Continue reading



Hope that title got everyone’s attention. It’s my lame April Fools’ joke considering that I don’t get to celebrate it here. But really, I wanted to share some photos from my recent trip to Mallorca, an island off the coast of Spain in the Mediterranean. It’s Semana Santa here, and I spent the first part of my vacation at the beach! Tomorrow, I leave for London to see my parents, who I haven’t seen for 7 months. The last time I hadn’t seen their faces for that long I was in the womb. I’m sure the weather in London isn’t going to be as stellar as the Mediterranean, but I’m very excited to see this city with so much to do and of course my parents. We’ll be there until Monday, then my parents will be stopping in Paris for a bit, and finally ending in Madrid where the weather should be lovely. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of pictures to share later. Continue reading