Monthly Archives: March 2015

Weekend Mini Adventure

Hi, everyone. This weekend I decided to stop being a bum and go to some places in Madrid I had never been before. I also wanted to enjoy the good weather before it starts raining the rest of the week. I’ve been itching to go on a trip but spent big bucks planning out my “Semana Santa” trip (Easter break). So this weekend, anything I could do that was relatively cheap or free sounded good to me. Plus, it’s been awhile since I spent some time wandering around Madrid. Still amazes me how different the city can look depending on where you are. Continue reading


Where’s the craic?

I’m very behind and am just now posting pictures from my trip to Dublin, which was about two weeks ago! Whoops. Let’s just pretend I really wanted to build up the tension. Anyway, I spent several days in Dublin, Ireland (clarification only added since my parents now live in Dublin, California). I went with a couple of friends (who went to MU actually!), and we had a great time. It was refreshing to see some green grass, the ocean, and hear some English. I have to say I really like the Irish accent though many other foreigners I met seemed a bit thrown by it. Dublin looked exactly as I pictured it, and the pubs were absolutely wonderful – plenty of pints, live music, and good food – and the countryside was even better than I imagined. Oh, and if you’re wondering, “craic” is just the Irish’s word for “fun.” No, it is not a play on “crack cocaine” but rather stems from Middle English (if you’re a linguistic nerd like me, here is a bit more info). Enjoy the photos. Maybe they’ll get you inspired for St. Patty’s! Continue reading