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Lucky for me, today was my last day of work this week, and I’m headed to Dublin tomorrow morning. Today, we celebrated Carnaval at school, and it was a pretty fun day despite the (usual) technical difficulties. I’m not gonna pretend to be an expert on this holiday and will instead kindly link you to this wikipedia page. Carnaval is celebrated in many countries, and it’s a pretty big deal in Spain. Everyone dresses up in costumes (similar to Halloween in the United States) and parties, parties, parties. At my school, the teachers were supposed to dress up as “rock stars,” which mostly translated to 80’s punk rock. I was told about this a day before our celebration, and I can’t say my wardrobe is very extensive here, so my costume consisted of me wearing black and sunglasses. Each grade had a different theme. My little 1st graders dressed up as instruments, and some of the costumes were really awesome! I’ll share some pics I took today. Continue reading



Happy Sunday (technically Monday here…)! Hopefully, I can brighten up the start of your week with some pictures of my recent trip to Portugal. Luckily, by the time of my flight I was feeling much better and for the most part, just suffered from a runny nose. I had a 4 day weekend to take advantage of, and I spent it in Lisbon and Porto. This was my first solo trip, so I made sure to do some before-trip planning to keep myself entertained and to make sure I could navigate from an airport to a hostel, from a hostel to a train station, from a train station to another hostel, and from a hostel to another airport. Planning a trip all on your own really makes you realize how much your parents had to do for family vacations! Portugal is a safe country, fairly inexpensive, not too hard to navigate, and many of the natives know English, so I wasn’t very worried about this trip. I think traveling solo offers you a lot more freedom. There are some downsides, especially when you’d like to have a sit-down dinner with friends, but I met some cool people and could do whatever I wanted when I wanted. Picture time (there are a lot)! Also, the title is the Portuguese word for “thank you” (not translated literally), which I heard ALL the time. But be careful because for men it’s obrigado! Here’s the reason why for all you linguistic nerds like myself. Continue reading