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We Walked HOW Far?

Well, it’s my day off, and I’m spending it sick in bed. I at least made it to a pharmacy to describe my symptoms in accented Spanish, get a weird look, then walk away with something I wish was DayQuil. I actually have a trip planned for my upcoming 4 day weekend, so I’m really hoping to get better (I’ll tell you where at the end of this post, or you can scroll down now and cheat). ANYWAY, once I came back from Prague, I had my first visitors in Madrid. One of my friends since freshmen year of college and her sister came to visit me. They stayed with me in Madrid for a couple of days, and I got to pretend like I was a professional tour guide. In the end, I was actually quite surprised with my ability to show off the city. Then we left for Paris the 30th of December to spend New Year’s and a couple days after with another college friend who lives in France teaching English. In general, it was so amazing to spend time with close friends, joke about old times, and have someone fluent in French! It also put me in even more denial about college being over… Here are the pictures to tell the story! Continue reading


Chinese for Christmas

Hello again! The back-to-school grind has been sapping a lot of my energy, so I’m a bit slow to update you all on the rest of my trip. This post will be about my 3 or so days in Prague. Once again, I’m going to let my pictures tell most of the story. In general, Prague is a very quaint and cute city. It’s a lot smaller than Berlin and is very walkable. It felt very “Christmas-y” to me and getting a decently sized beer for $1-2 is pretty amazing to me! I definitely enjoyed my time in Prague, but I’m not sure if I would say it’s a “must-see” city in Europe. But if you’re in the area, why not go! A train to Prague isn’t too expensive. Just watch out for that conversion rate since they use the koruna instead of euros (and guess what, there are women on the money!). Continue reading

Eis, Eis, Baby

¡Feliz año nuevo, todos! It’s been awhile, and I hope you’ve all had great holidays. I’ve taken a lot of photos and thought it might be best to make a post for each city I visited. First up was Berlin. I was there for about 3 days, and it was certainly very different from Madrid. I’m mostly going to show my time there through pictures, but I will say that Berlin is a unique city in that it has had to evolve so much over the years. It’s still a fairly new city compared to other sites in Europe, and I think my tour guide said it best: “Paris will always be Paris, but Berlin is becoming Berlin.” I learned so much during my short-time there and would definitely say it’s worth a visit. Maybe visit in the Spring though because after dreary overcast days and early sunsets, the chilling history of this city can really put a damper on your mood. But this city and its residents have done a good job of acknowledging their dark history and memorializing those lost. Continue reading