I Got a Rock…

Lucky for me, I had Halloween off which made for a 4-day weekend. At school on Thursday, we basically spent the class periods doing Halloween activities. With the 5th graders, we watched Halloween videos I found: It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, the song “This is Halloween” from The Nightmare Before Christmas, and an explanatory video about what Halloween is like in the U.S. The kids had never seen Charlie Brown, but they seemed to love the scene where Charlie keeps getting rocks. With the 1st graders, we did a Halloween word search, which was nearly impossible for them, and some coloring, which was considerably easier. Halloween isn’t as big of a holiday here as it is in the U.S. Kids probably do the most celebrating at school, and even then, it’s not as much as in America. Additionally, Halloween is meant to be strictly scary. Kids sometimes dress up (but don’t really trick or treat), and basically always as a witch, vampire, skeleton, ghost, etc. There’s another holiday called Carnival which occurs before Lent with more fun and less scary costumes.

Since Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, I was a little bummed that it’s not as big here. It’s also a holiday I spent a lot of time with my best friend back home. But my fellow auxiliares and I made up for this by carving pumpkins, drinking cider, and roasting pumpkin seeds one afternoon. Normally I would bake something pumpkin flavored, but opted for brownies considering it’s difficult to find pumpkin puree here (look for my next post chronicling my adventures in cooking…). I don’t think anyone minded having brownies instead, especially my roommate who got the leftovers.

Our finished jack o' lanterns! The hole on top of my pumpkin was too small for the big candles my friend had, so I got creative and put my phone on top, haha.

Our finished jack o’ lanterns! Mine is the cute little ghost. The hole on top of my pumpkin was too small for the big candles my friend had, so I got creative and put my phone on top, haha.

I spent Halloween night out late (not by Spanish standards though) at a Halloween party one of my friends was having, and the food and drinks were great! If you haven’t seen already, I was Rosie the Riveter. With limited time to come up with a costume, I grabbed my chambray shirt, ran to a makeup store to buy some bright red lipstick, and successfully bought some fabric to make a headband. All in all, I think I did my mom (the queen of Halloween costumes) proud. I saw a lot of the same, scary costumes on my way to the party and wondered what everyone thought I was wearing. My roommate said I looked just like Rosie, and if anything, this costume gave me the chance to wear red lipstick, something I’m not usually seen wearing.

Rosie the Riveter. Basically impossible for Spaniards to pronounce, but at least some of them realized who I was.

Rosie the Riveter. Basically impossible for Spaniards to pronounce, but at least some of them realized who I was.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween weekend! Comment if you did or saw anything fun!


8 thoughts on “I Got a Rock…

  1. dcmason83 says:

    Love your cute chubby ghost pumpkin! Way to be resourceful by using your phone to light it up, very MacGyver 😀 You made the perfect “Rosie”! Glad to hear that getting a rock for Halloween has universal humor.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Prima Peeps says:

    Hola Cousin!

    This weekend was Sausage Supper at Donna’s. Afterwards, we all went to to see Tim and Lisa’s new house. Makenzie calls it her “House Hole” because the first time they went to see the lot they had just dug out the the hole for the basement and the name seems to have stuck.

    I am still specializing in estate planning for Jungian Analysts! (Actually they are quite nice and they pay all their invoices on time so I have no complaints.)

    Party on!


  3. Dad says:

    Nice work on the pumpkin! Jorge at work recognized Rosa the Rivitera right away.

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  4. Julie Davis says:

    You are too cute for words!! Pat can’t wait to hear more about your cooking adventures. Your posts are so much fun to read and somehow you don’t seem so far away after all! Take care and enjoy all the “childrens”. I always found youngsters to be quite comical and endearing.


    • Lauren says:

      Oh, they’re certainly comical. It’s amazing how different the 1st graders are from the 5th graders. The young ones have NO filter. Some days they drive me nuts, but I can’t stay mad at them long because they’re always so excited to see me.


  5. blackswan says:

    My first grade laugh of the day was yesterday while walking back from the cafeteria in what I thought was a cozy Autumn outfit. I had gray tights on ok. Well this little dude came up to me and asked if I had “real” gray legs. Like for real. “0f course they’re real,” I said. Seriously. But he meant that they were REAL gray legs. You know like a Lego guy would have. When I sweetly explained that they were tights and that I had “skin under them”, he looked confused. When he first asked his teacher about me she thought he said, “Are those really great legs?” Ahem. Sure.
    I think I’ll wear red tights next week.
    Happy Thanksgiving Miss Lauren!


    • Lauren says:

      Haha, this is too good! The kids guessed my age the other day, and one of them said 40… Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes! I’m going to celebrate tomorrow with friends. Hope you all have a lovely family dinner.


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